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Pokemon Singles

We stock one of the largest selections of English and Japanese Pokemon Cards in the world. If we're sold out of any cards that you're looking for, please make sure to register on our website and add yourself to the wishlist for each card that you are wanting. Then you will be automatically emailed when we restock any of those cards.

We also have a massive amount of Pokemon Booster Packs, Boxes, Theme Decks, Collector Tins, Trainer Kits, supplies & more! So if you're looking for some gift ideas, Rare EX Pokemon cards, trying to complete a set or simply trying to update your Pokemon card collection, we'll strive to be your #1 online source for Pokemon.

Have any Pokemon cards to sell us? As long as they're in like-new, pack fresh, mint condition, you can checkout our buylist and sell us cards that we need.

Pokemon cards are currently manufactured by The Pokemon Company International®