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Japanese Pokemon Singles

One of the largest selection of Pokemon Cards you will find and we're sure to have the hot new Pokemon Booster Packs, Theme Decks, Collector Tins & Single Cards in stock! So if you're looking for rare ex pokemon cards or simply trying to update your Pokemon singles collection, we are your online pokemon source.

The world of Pokemon Cards game is a world much like ours but filled with fantastic creatures called Pokemon. Pokemon Trainers capture wild Pokemon & train them to do battle with other Pokemon.

We stock the largest English and Japanese Pokemon Cards are rated with Starter, Advanced, or Expert ratings, based on the level of knowledge and strategy required for the product. Starters are for new players; Advanced for players that have a firm grasp of the game's basic rules & finally Expert level for players who want to explore the highest level of this great card game.

Currently Manufactured by The Pokemon Company International®