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Fellowship of the Ring Cards Starter Deck Box

Fellowship of the Ring Cards Starter Deck Box

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    There are two different starter deck products, one featuring Aragorn, and one featuring Gandalf. The display box comes with 6 of each kind of deck (6 Aragorn Decks and 6 Gandalf Decks).Each starter deck has a fixed component of 60 cards, including: 1 Frodo companion card, 1 The One Ring card, 9 site cards, 2 copies of a special premium card, and 47 mixed common and uncommon cards. The special premium cards, found only in these starter deck products, feature the main companion for that starter (Aragorn or Gandalf). In the Aragorn starter, you'll find a Shadow strategy based on the damage-dealing Uruk-hai of the Isengard culture. The Gandalf starter uses Orcs from the Moria culture and features archery tactics.
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