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Final Fantasy TCG - From Nightmares Booster Box

Final Fantasy TCG - From Nightmares Booster Box

Available Friday, March 24 2023
Brand New, 11 left
$143.64 $84.99
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  • Description

    Continuing from “Resurgence of Power”, this booster pack will also feature Multi-Element cards and bring diversity into deck building and game strategies. This set will also feature a Multi-Element card with 4 elements, creating new possibilities for Multi-Element cards, which only had 2 elements until now. Please enjoy the cards with new art, and the ever-growing world of “FFTCG”!


    A Special version of a Full Art Foil Cloud [19-114L] is included as a Special Card, featuring a foil stamp of Tetsuya Nomura’s autograph (and usable in the same way as a Standard card).


    Additionally, one full art premium Yuna [19-118L] will be included with each sealed display box as a Buy-a-Box Promo.